Since the beginning of our activity we developed and manufactured equipment tailored to customers’ needs, measuring every single aspect of the project thus forcing a meticulous and constant monitoring.

We have a customer proximity policy, trying our best to match his requirements and where his satisfaction is our priority in order to obtain his loyalty so that in the future he becomes a promoter of our brand.

Our organization is dedicated to intervene from the start in all the phases of manufacturing, installation and maintenance of our products, from design through electrification and insulation, thereby reducing errors in equipment integration and minimizing indirect participants, this so we can take a rapid and effective response to requests for assistance of our equipment either in a preventive or curative way.

We embrace new challenges constantly, always trying to put our experience in the development of modern and revolutionary equipment that fit the market, or a customer specific need. We always try to keep us in front of new technologies, offering a wide range of products at the disposal of customers. To achieve that we resort to recognized quality materials combined with techniques adjusted to ensure robustness, durability and reliability.

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Public works license nº 100590 – Mechanical and electrical installations