The quality of the final product, design towards the ease of operation, maintenance and cleaning and taking into account the small details are our priorities.

In order to increase our quality standards, we took a bet on the certification of our quality management system according to the reference standard ISO 9001 by TUV Rheinland Portugal since 2005.

Certification is a differentiating factor and ensures the concern of FLUCAL CALDEIRAS SA.

The quality of our products is an unwavering commitment we always set with our customers, partners and suppliers.

The implementation and the realization of our commitment is based on the following key principles:
-Continuous improvement;
-Customers and users satisfaction;
-Satisfaction and involvement of employees;
-Partnership with suppliers.

The company is also a winner of the “Applause” award since 2005 (10 consecutive years) the financial stability, economic performance and innovation capacity, positioning itself as one of the engines of the national economy.