Horizontal steam boiler

The steam generator “FLUCAL” VH “, from the horizontal monobloc type, gas-tube forced draft type with tree gases passages, tubular furnace (smooth or Wavy) and fully water cooled reversal box.

Range powers
150KW the 12.000KW

Pressure range
0.5 to 25 bar

Main advantages
High efficiency 80% to 90% (LHV);
Construction type with 3 to 4 gas passages,
No refractory, and furnace gas reversing chamber completely surrounded by water
Exterior insulation of low thermal conductivity, coated with stainless sheets.

Wide range of fuels: Fuel oil, any kind of oil, LPG, natural gas or even a mixture of these; Solid fuels (pine bark, wood, cork dust, rags and other waste) which can be burned in an interconnected water-tube furnace with “FLUCAL VH”).

This boiler is manufactured according to European standards and materials
employed are of the finest quality. The welding work is performed by
highly specialized personnel.
All boilers are tested before leaving the factory under strict control,
we have a service center able to respond to all requests.