Horizontal Mobile Grate

Equipment fully developed and manufactured by Flucal to meet the requirements of burning various types of fuel in an efficient way with automatic ash extraction with low unburned content. This equipment combines the advantage of mobile grates with low vertical height

Furnace with horizontal mobile grate and with continuos dry ash extraction system.

Range power
500 kW to 5000 kW

Main advantages
Low vertical dimensions
Enlarged burning of various biomass types
Ideal for waste burning with medium / low ash content


Other features:
Combustion control through individual regulation of primary air for each stage of combustion, as well as for the secondary air.
High burn efficiency, yield 95 ± 2% achieved by optimizing the relation between primary and secondary air, ensuring CO, NOx and VOCs emission reductions.

Particle emission control using bag filters.

These devices are controlled by automation systems, speed variation and high quality instrumentation with proven robustness, with tuned control systems depending on the type of equipment / type of fuel.

It can be coupled to:
Steam boilers
Thermal oil boilers
Hot water boilers
Drying systems for hot gases