Fast vaporization boiler

The “FVR” boilers ” are of pressurized combustion type , with a vertical furnace expressly studied for operating on gas or diesel but with the possibility of incorporating a furnace for burning solid waste (rag, paper, wood, etc.). Characterized by the fast cold-start as well as low dimensions, these boilers are built using concentric tubes allowing greater robustness. The fast Vaporization Generators series “FVR” respond to the requirements of small and medium enterprises in the use of medium pressure steam. These steam generators are most suitable for the clothing industry, laundries, dry cleaners, saunas, central heating and all industrial processes that require steam at a low price with a small investment.

Range power
75 kW to 525kW

Pressure range
0,5 to 8 bar

Main advantages
Lower cost of installation to any type of boiler;
It has no coil on the pressure body, thus reducing maintenance costs;
Industrial Fast Start, allowing the process to begin almost immediately;
Fuel consumption depending solely of the use of steam
Safety in operation, due to different air circuits, water and
steam being controlled by high quality control and security devices

Pressure controlled by digital controller and pressure transducer, allowing precise pressure control;
High efficiency 80% to 90% (LHV);
Boiler operator exemption *
Exemption of gas analysis *
Exemption of Licensing installation *
*Only for some models

This Boiler is manufactured according to European standards and the materials employed are of the finest quality. The welding work is performed by highly specialized personnel.

All boilers are tested before leaving the factory under strict control, we have a service center able to respond to all requests.